“You can’t be a leader because you are a girl.”

“That’s a man’s field, why don’t you try something else.”

“You can’t do it as well as I can, you are a girl.”

“You throw like a girl.”

Each and every one of these statements was said to me growing up, along with many more. They weren’t always meant in a hurtful or vicious way, but they always hurt me.

For some reason, there is a connotation in our society that being a woman makes you weak. That because we have different body parts then men that we are inferior. That the simple act of being a woman makes me less of a person than if I was a man.

All of that, however, is simply untrue.

I am a leader. I am strong. I am powerful. I will not back down. I wont let anyone get in my way. My future is bright. I am a woman.

But that is not why I fight. I know that I am fully capable and that my gender isn’t going to stop me from accomplishing my goals. It might take me longer. I might not get paid as much. I probably wont make many friends along the way. But I will be successful.

I fight for my little sister. So that some day, she wont have to listen to the older kids at school talk about girls like they are objects.

I fight for the little girls playing t-ball. So that some day, when someone tells them that they throw like a girl, they can be proud of that, because they are a girl.

I fight for my freshmen girls, who are working their butts off for their future and deserve to earn the same amount of money as any man.

I fight for my mom, because she fought for me.

I fight for my grandma, who spent her life cooking and cleaning, and taking care of her family.

I fight for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony, and all of the other women that started this fight over a hundred years ago. The work that they started deserves to be finished.

I fight for everyone that was unable to or pushed aside, because they were just a silly woman.

I fight for today and for tomorrow.

I fight because we all deserve to win. We all deserve to be on the same playing field and to have the same rights.

I fight for my future, and the future of all women. I fight for equality.

I fight to win.

Photo Credit to Carly Hagins. To see more of her photos visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/carlyhag/