Earlier this week, one of my friends, Duvi Sanchez, shared this video on Facebook. What she said about it, expressed exactly how I feel about the topic. Below is what she said! Check out what she said, along with the video below!


“Women must earn less than men. because, they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent, they must earn less. That is all.”

It’s 2017 and people wonder why women are still marching on streets. Why we still have unequal pay. Why we feel the way we do and it’s because of statements like this.

People ask my why I want to get involved in politics, why I want to get involved in international affairs and my question is why don’t men get asked the same questions? I have a right to live the life I please equal with any man. I’m not weaker. I’m not smaller in determination, I’m not smaller in dedication, I’m sure as hell more intelligent than this silly excuse for a man.