They graduated from both Harvard and Princeton. They are a lawyer and a writer. They served as a dean for a major university. They are well known as a humanitarian, a role model, and an advocate. Who am I talking about?

Former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Is that who you thought that I was talking about? No? Did you picture a man or a woman? I’m guessing that your answer wasn’t a woman.

But back to the featured lady of the day, Michelle Obama. She grew up in the South Shore area of Chicago, Illinois, and had to stand up for herself. Rather than asking her what she thought, people would ask her older brother to speak for her. It was never easy. But she still pushed through.

After graduating as salutatorian of her class, she followed in her brother’s footsteps, attending Princeton University. There is where she faced some even larger struggles. Not only has Michelle Obama overcome the adversity of being a woman, but also that of being African American. While in college she had individuals who didn’t want to live with her, just because of her race, wouldn’t talk to her, and people who wouldn’t listen to her, just because she was a woman, and a Black woman on top of that.

Never, however, did that stop Obama. She stood strong, a trend that continued long past her college days.

While serving as First Lady, Obama took great strides to change the United States long term. She worked hard advocating for women rights, including the balancing act between career and family, advocating for education, the arts, and military families. She also established to ‘Let’s Move’ programing, in hopes of lowering the rates of childhood obesity.

The programs and initiatives that Michelle Obama supported, phenomenal. The way that she carried herself and was a role model for others, even better. Whether it is the way that she holds herself during interviews, or the way that she responds to criticism, she is always shows young and old women alike how a woman should act.  

Photo Credits to Steve Jurvetson. To see more of his work, visit his site here!