Last week I talked about how the women’s bracket of March Madness got significantly less publicity than the men’s side of things. That was completely true, until Friday night.

Let me give you a little back story first. The UConn Huskies were set to beat, I mean play, the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Huskies were riding a 111-game winning streak, with 108 of those victories by double digits. They had not lost in YEARS. In fact, these two teams met in the tournament last year and UConn won by 60 points, sixty. It wasn’t even close.

But that was last year.

This year was a whole different story. No one expected Mississippi State to win. Really, nobody even expected them to keep it close. But they did. In fact, they led almost the entire game. At the end of the forty minutes of regulation, the score was tied and overtime was on the way.

With less than 30 seconds to go in overtime, UConn hit two free throws to tie the game and then got the ball back (because it was a flagrant foul) with a chance to either win or send the game to a second overtime. But they didn’t do either of those things. They quickly missed a shot, giving the ball back, and set up history.

Morgan William, a young lady who isn’t much above five foot, hit a historic jumper with a hand in her face, sending UConn home.

And social media went CRAZY.

Everyone was talking about the demise of the giants, the favorites, the best. No one was saying much while they winning, but the second they lose, everyone has something to say.

What are they saying though? Are the complementing William on her great shot? Not really. Are they talking about the championship game? Not nearly as much as you would think.

So what are saying? CBS Sports tweeted 3, just 3, things about the game. The first read simply, “111-1.” The second showcased a photo of a shocked fan, but it wasn’t a photo from Friday night. The third was the reaction of Dak Prescott, current Dallas Cowboy and former Mississippi St. quarterback. Not one of those talks about the athletes that worked so hard, or the team that actually won.

There was no discussion of the women that excelled on the court. But there was talk of a male athlete that didn’t play basketball and isn’t a current student.

While the Huskies streak might have ended, but the media’s is still going strong.

Photo Credits to ESPN College Basketball via Twitter.