Let’s say there are two cheeseburgers down on the table in front of you and your friend. One for each of you, right? You would be pretty mad (or at least i would be) if your friend ate both of them without even giving you a choice.

They just decided for you that you didn’t get a cheeseburger, that it wasn’t going to be the same. You didn’t get equality and you didn’t have a choice.

Now just imagine that we are talking about something more important than cheeseburgers, lets say a hundred bucks. Or maybe a thousand bucks. Are you okay without equality?

Neither am I.

Check out this article talking about how feminism is asking for equality, nothing more.

I am forced to believe that people do not understand what the term “feminism” means. Otherwise, why would it be a dirty word…like Millennial? Surely, it has been sensationalized to a point in which the true meaning is lost. From my own experiences, many people who are skeptic of the term do not realize that […]

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