Earlier this week a young woman told me her story and it was so encouraging and inspiring to me, that i asked her if i could share it on here. She agreed, as long as i changed her name, so for the sake of this blog, here is Jane’s story.

Jane was a strong, courageous girl that grew up in a very small, very conservative town. The time might have continued to go on, but the town was still in the 1900s. Wives stayed at home, made sure that everything was kept up to par, and cared for their children. Husbands went to work, in order to provide for their family financially. The men got to make all of the decisions, they ran the family and there were no if ands or buts about it.

Jane is the youngest child of five and is the only girl. She was told what to do and when to do it, if not by her father, then by her brothers. All throughout middle school, Jane excelled in her coursework, she was number 1 in her class. She was smarter than everyone, the boys included, and people didn’t like that.

When she entered high school, Jane’s father told her that she needed to do worse in school. She needed to let the boys do better, to be smarter. She was told to fail so that a boy could succeed.

Being a ‘good girl’ who wanted to make her father happy, Jane tried, she tried to dumb her life down to make others feel better about themselves. When taking tests she intentionally wrote down the wrong answer. She worked so hard her entire freshmen year of high school to get bad grades and let the others do better.

She aimed to fail, because that is what she was told to do by all the men in her life.

Are you interested in reading more of Jane’s story? Check back in and read the next section on Jane’s Story– Part 2!

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