We Fight for Rights

March Madness

As I sit in my room, writing this post, I am watching the Elite Eight matchup between South Carolina and Florida. One important note, this is the MENS bracket, not the women's. Let me start out by saying that I... Continue Reading →


Back to the Grind, with a Little Help from YOU!

Over the past few weeks, there haven't been many posts going up. The reason? I was slacking, I got busy, there was a week of spring break, and honestly I forgot a tiny bit. But all of that is changing... Continue Reading →

Women’s Rights Abroad

Standing up for women's rights is something most Americans are very familiar with. There have been many marches covered on major news outlets, arguably the biggest one being The Women's March on Washington. The United States is not the only... Continue Reading →

A Day Without A Woman

Today, Wednesday, March 8th has become A Day Without A Woman. This comes after the Women's March that was so successful earlier this year. Are you interested in participating? Just want to learn a little more about today and what... Continue Reading →

Eleanor Roosevelt, My Favorite First Lady!

We have had a lot of incredible First Lady's over the years, but Eleanor Roosevelt is by far my favorite. It could be because she was the First Lady the longest, but more likely it is because she was a... Continue Reading →

I’m not weaker!

  Earlier this week, one of my friends, Duvi Sanchez, shared this video on Facebook. What she said about it, expressed exactly how I feel about the topic. Below is what she said! Check out what she said, along with the video below!... Continue Reading →

Women’s History Month!

Happy Women's History Month everyone! In honor of the history that we are celebrating this month, in addition to my regular posts this month, I will also be posting about some of the famous women that our world has seen... Continue Reading →

First Woman Profile

Get ready, the time has come for the first profile on a strong, independent, and motivating woman. It would be way to simple for me to just tell you who it was going to be though. Will it be Brittany Young, from... Continue Reading →

“Why are women so angry?”

Peg DeMarco, a guest columnist for The New Herald, wrote a response to the letter that Utah Senator James Green wrote about equal wages for women. If you haven't had a chance to read this letter, I would recommend checking it out in... Continue Reading →

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